A letter from Our Lady of Peace

posted Mar 23, 2020, 2:24 PM by Jacqueline Curran

March 23, 2020

Hello Our Lady of Peace Families,

We hope that you and your family are all well.  

Typically, we would be returning to school today and be sharing the adventures that we experienced over the past week.  This Spring brings us a new reality and challenges that most of us never thought we would face.  We hope your family has found ways to develop a new normal in the midst of nothing being normal. 

As a staff, we are committed to keeping in touch and providing you with some learning opportunities over these next couple of weeks.  To this end, many staff have already begun planning learning suggestions and activities.  Someone from your child’s educational team will be in contact with your family in the next several days.  In addition to the distance learning that the Province of Ontario has developed, Learn at Home , the OLP staff are developing some more personalized activities that you can take and adapt to your family’s needs and situation.  We will continue to send out tweets and information from the school.  Watch your child’s teacher's preferred way of communicating with you as they will be contacting you this week.  This will look different for every class.  Educators will try to answer all your questions realizing that this situation is quite fluid from day to day.  Like you we continue to tune into press briefings from both the Prime Minister and the Provincial Ministers as well as our School Board staff, to provide us with updated information.   

We know some families continue to meet the needs of the community as you are on the front line as first responders, or are essential community support such as pharmacy and grocery workers, personal service workers, and hospital and clinic staffs.  On behalf of all our staff we wish to send our gratitude to all of you who selflessly keep things running in these unusual and stressful times

Our Director of Education, Denise Andre, sent an information letter to parent on March 20.  It should provide many answers to some of your questions.   There will continue to be further information forthcoming from the School Board so please continue to check your email. 

It is important first and foremost to take care of you and your family's health and well-being.  Spending time together, going for walks, playing games, daily prayer and devotions during this time of Lent are great ways to look after your family.  Learning can happen in your everyday living – it always beneficial to read, play card games, cook and bake (math measurement), and unleash your child’s creativity by building with household items and recyclables and toys like Lego.

We will continue to keep all our OLP families in our prayers.  You can still reach us via the OLP account, OurLady.Peace@ocsb.ca  as it continues to be reviewed.  Your teacher can also pass along any questions and concerns that you share.  We hope you will feel comfortable to share openly with them any questions or challenges. 

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Peggy Perrin and the awesome OLP staff