Caring School Staff

Tracy MacAulay - Twitter

Office Administrator
Jackie Curran
Donna Clark (part-time)

Katie Ryan - twitter 
Kristen Scharf (ECE)
Amy Dunnion
Karen Halchuk (ECE)
Jiji John
Lesley Lavoie - JS2 JS3 (On leave)
Keri Julien (ECE)
Laura Renner - website
Aislinn Bulmer (ECE) 
Kerry Rocheleau - blog

Grade 1
Cristina Miller - twitter
Natalie Cieplak
Kerry Rocheleau

Grade 2
Bryanne McCarney
Stephanie Brousseau - twitter
Laura Renner - website (French)

Grade 2/3
Jennifer Coddington - twitter
John Roberts - website (French)

Grade 3
Liz Longpre - website twitter
Tania Facchineri - twitter
Jessica MacDonald (French) - twitter  google

Grade 4
Brendan Moriarty - twitter website
Patricia MacKinnon - website
Angela Sandri (French) (Interim teacher Olivia DiNardo)

Grade 4/5 Immersion
Michelle McGarrity - twitter website 

Grade 5 Blended
Martin Wee (Interim teacher Daniel Trolly)

Grade 6 Blended
Karina Menard

Grade 5/6 Extended
Martin Wee (Interim teacher Daniel Trolly)
Angela Sandri (French) (Interim teacher Olivia DiNardo)

Grade 5/6 Immersion
Karina Menard

Cheryl MacDonald
Leslie Farnsworth

Educational Assistants
Nicki Sampson
Amanda Crete
Jessica O'Leary
Dana Spencer
Ashley Banks
Emily McLaren

Developmental Education System Class
Steve Lalonde

Developmental Specialists and Assistants
Kathy King
Karen Barrey
Jessica Faria
Sara Samimi
Patricia Walsh

Library Technician
Michelle Sherwin
Twitter - @MESherwin44

Glen Durant (Head caretaker)
Du Xingju (evening caretaker)

Lynwood Early Learning Centre (613-596-3069)
Amanda Holloway
Katherine Wong
Twitter - @LynwoodELC

St. Martin de Porres Parish (613-828-6720)
Father Hennessey

About Our Amazing School


At Our Lady of Peace School, we continue to build on the tradition of faith, love and peace through knowledge which the school community has been establishing for over 50 years, in collaboration with St. Martin de Porres Parish. 

Students will experience a greater focus on problem solving this year in all areas of the curriculum - how to break down any task into manageable steps. We are looking to provide more student choice of activities through which they can demonstrate their learning. We continue to work on providing students with rich, meaningful tasks to deepen their learning, and increase their engagement. We continue to provide opportunities for achievement at all Levels, in all 4 categories of evaluation.

The communication lines are always open at OLP. Please never hesitate to approach any staff member with your concerns or questions. We are a community, and we are committed to ensuring that all OLP community members – staff, students, families – feel supported and nurtured. We look forward to seeing you! 

School Hours

Please ensure that your children are in the schoolyard before the bell rings at 9:15 a.m. Outside supervision is provided from 9:00 – 9:15 a.m. Parents of students who walk to school are asked to keep their children at home prior to 9:00 a.m.,as there is no yard supervision available before that time. We thank you in advance for helping us to ensure your children’s safety.

Grades 1-6
Block One
Block Two
Block 3
Block 4
9:15 AM
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
3:45 PM

School starts
9:15 AM
9:15 AM
11:45 AM
3:15 PM
3:45 PM

Activities, Clubs & Teams

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enrich students' experience at school, including:

Inter-scholastic Sports (Junior grades): 
Cross-Country Running
Ultimate Frisbee
Track and Field

Arts (Grades 1-6): 
Talent Show

Team / Spirit-building Events (all grades): 
Winter Play Day
June Play Day
Charitable Initiatives

Stewardship (all grades): 
Environment Club

Healthy Lifestyles (all grades)
Snack Program
Breakfast Program